More Yorkshire 100 Members

More Yorkshire launched the More Yorkshire 100 as a campaign to encourage 100 organisations to get behind our community magazine and support its endeavours whilst receiving a range of benefits in return.

Our More Yorkshire 100 members:

Family Business United

The UK family business champions actively supporting the Yorkshire family business community.


We plan to create an innovative group of 100 organisations to help us do what we do best. The cost of signing up to the More Yorkshire 100 is only £129 plus VAT a year.

If you are happy to become a member of the More Yorkshire 100 and support our magazine, please do so using the button below to sign up:

Our aim is simple, to create a community magazine that showcases the best of Yorkshire including local and regional news, council and community updates, news and insights plus a whole lot more besides. If you have any questions about getting involved then please do not hesitate to ask.

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