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About Us

Our team are committed to creating a community magazine for the people of Yorkshire to enjoy.  We are an online publisher of regional news and insights of specific relevance to Yorkshire and have a fundamental belief in doing so because stories matter.

Community is a powerful force for good in many ways and in days gone by people seemed to have more time for each other, more time to chat face to face and therefore more time to share news, insights and things of importance within their neighbourhood too. This is something that has made somewhat of a resurgence over the past year or so too and something that we want to champion going forward.

Don’t get us wrong – we love social media and current ways of communicating but we also believe strongly in communication, the messages and news that is being shared, and have a strong desire to ‘shout out’ about all of the good that is being generated within Yorkshire too.

Not only is this a county with some great sports teams, some great places to visit, historical landmarks and more besides, but it is the people that make Yorkshire what it is and we have a vision to create a community magazine that showcases the county and all the good that it creates.

Help us to create the ‘noise’ and share the love by sending us your news, your press releases, your community events, updates on what is important to you locally and we will do our best to share these more broadly too.

We are not a newspaper, nor are we a magazine, but a socially committed forum to share what is the essence of the community across Yorkshire today, and with your help, we know that we can create something special.

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