Five Proven Ways To Motivate Employees

Mitch Heiman, business expert from Board of Decorators discusses the top five proven ways that can motivate an employee. According to data from Wellable, when staff are motivated, they’re 87% less likely to leave, and 20% actually perform better as employees. With 27 years of experience Heiman feels the key to success is to recognize that people are the most important component of any business.

Make your office inviting
“While there are still a lot of remote workers around the world, there are still many people that prefer to go to the office. The office that you’re providing to your employees should be somewhere that they’re comfortable in, and somewhere they’re actually happy to work from.”

“You don’t need to spend much to make the office aesthetically pleasing. A good break-room where members of staff can relax on their lunch breaks, and even just a liquor of paint and some colourful print-outs on the wall.”

“So that staff members don’t get headaches, ensuring that the office is well-lit is really important, as well as ensuring that the office has the right equipment to prevent the likes of RSI and back problems.”

Supportive and motivating managers
“May seem like an obvious point, but you’ll be surprised at how many companies don’t have these and also, how important a supportive manager can be for someone’s motivation. Respect, honesty, clear progression pathways and clear communication are top traits for any manager-employee relationship.”

“Ultimately, if you’re a good person to work for, and alongside, there’s a higher chance the employee will stay and be more loyal to the company.”

Employee rewards
“Many small businesses won’t have the funds for extravagant perks like private medical insurance or bonuses. However, there are definitely some perks that you can introduce that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget, the average cost to recruit someone new and go through hours of training equates to around $4,000 on average, so introducing small benefits to keep loyal employees is much more cost-efficient.”

“Some ideas include increased annual leave days for long-standing employees, training opportunities, free snacks and fruit in the office and also team lunches every now and then.”

Flexible working
“Since covid, many employers have started offering more work-from-home options, and scrapped the 9-5.” “Employers need to appreciate that people work best at different times, whether this be really early in the morning, or late at night.”

“By offering flexible working, you’re not only giving employees what they want, but you’ll be getting the best from your employees as they’ll be working at their prime times, where they’re likely to be most productive.”

Recognise achievements
“The second highest motivating factor in a recent study, below supportive manager, is being recognised for good work.”

“Managers should have regular check-ins with their employees where they can give compliments for things that are going well, and give promising feedback on work they’ve done. However, separate from regular catch-ups, it doesn’t take long to send employees a ‘well done on your work’ message, and it will give that individual a nice boost.”