Mothers & Daughters Share Career

A non-for-profit care provider in Harrogate, which supports older and vulnerable adults in North Yorkshire employs 42 care staff, 10 of which are mothers and daughters.

Harrogate Neighbours, which was founded in 1969 has reported that as of today, its current workforce is 79 per cent women. This comes as no surprise, as the UK adult social care workforce weighs heavily towards women (82%).

This International Women’s Day, Harrogate Neighbours is celebrating 10 women who have more than just a love of care in common – they’re family.

Registered care manager, Lynsey Robinson (38) joined Harrogate Neighbours 12 years ago. Ten years later in 2021, her daughter Page Evans (18) secured a role as a kitchen assistant and has quickly worked her way up to care assistant.

Lynsey said, “I never thought Page would follow in my footsteps, but when she began working in the kitchen, I was amazed at how good she was with the residents – she showed empathy and really enjoyed spending time with them.”

“When she turned 17, Page decided to give caring a go and I couldn’t be more proud of her flying the flag right next to me at Harrogate Neighbours.”

Lynne Cork (62) is a care assistant and joined Harrogate Neighbours over ten years ago. Her daughter, Teresa Stowell (37) has been a care assistant for the last four years – she took six months maternity leave and returned in 2022.

Theresa said, “After I joined Harrogate Neighbours I encouraged mum to come as I knew should would really enjoy being part of the working family. – and she does!”

42-year-old Nicola Cunningham joined nine years ago as a team leader and is now a care co-ordinator, her daughter, Macy Cunningham (19) is a care assistant – she started her career at Harrogate Neighbours three years ago in hospitality.

Julie (68) and Lianne (36) both began their care career at Harrogate Neighbours as night care assistants, three years ago.

Julie added, “Being mother and daughter we have that special bond and we also have a great working relationship and work well as a team. Our clients love it when Lianne calls me ‘mum’ instead of Julie!”

39-year-old, Rachel McManus has been a community care assistant for 2 years. Her daughter, Aimee McManus (17) started her new role as hospitality assistant three weeks ago.

Sue Cawthray, CEO of Harrogate Neighbours added, “As a community care provider, we see ourselves as one big working family, however, having five sets of mothers and daughters working with us today, and especially on International Women’s Day is pretty unique and very special.

“I speak for many when I say the care sector has and continues to be under the spotlight – following on from the pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis. We’re thankful every day to have such loyal, caring and compassionate women working with us and inspiring their daughters – some of which have been with us for over a decade!”

“As an organisation, we are keen to support younger staff joining the care sector, but also to help more mature staff members to develop their skills and gain wider qualifications. With an aging population, it’s important to nurture talent to ensure we can continue to support the most vulnerable people.”