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Yorkshire As A Perfect Place To Do Business

In the first of a new column, Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Roy Shelton, the CEO of the Connectus Group, outlines why the region is the perfect place to do business.

“BARELY a week goes by without us hearing the phrase leveling up. Every time I see a politician standing outside the House of Commons in London or on those shiny green benches in Westminster, calling for ‘leveling up,’ I allow myself a wry smile.”

“Not because I don’t agree that it needs to happen. No, I smile to myself because I know those living and working in the region aren’t going to wait for Westminster MPs to deliver. They’re busy getting on with changing their own future. And making their own way.”

“For me, the north is the best place in the country to do business. Why? Well for a start, we rightly have a great reputation for being hardworking people with a rich history of just getting on with things no matter how tough it gets. Working here also comes with the benefit of a slightly lower cost of living.”

“The average house price is £ £162,600 which is £ 133,400 lower than the UK average according to official 2022 figures. It’s still terribly hard for first time buyers, but those making that step in the North have a better chance of climbing the property ladder.”

“And while we’re talking about young people we should celebrate the fact we have access to such a rich stream of talent graduating from some of the UK’s best universities in the country. And many of these institutions are only going to get bigger and better.”

“It’s not all about work though. And one of the best things about Yorkshire and the north is the facilities we can access during our all important downtime. We have access to great countryside, and National Parks such as the Peak District and Yorkshire Pennines. We can also boast some of the world’s best sports facilities as well as professional sports’ teams with big local rivalries dating back for generations.”

“And we shouldn’t forget the amazing outdoor events like the Great Yorkshire Show, Bolesworth International and The Cheshire Show. These are great opportunities to mix business and pleasure and make the connections which help us all in business.”

“Look, 2023 isn’t going to be easy. The cost of living crisis has made life very difficult for us all. The price of everything seems to be going up. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in price – and that’s the price of kindness. Kindness is often overlooked in business, but if my career has taught me one thing it’s that companies who have kindness at their core do the best. “

“Kindness from the top down promotes hard work and pride among employees which, come the end of the financial year, translates into strong numbers. Yes we’re tough up north – but we are also the kindest and friendliest communities in the country. So let’s come together, embrace the opportunities of 2023, and get down to business.”