Searches For Dog Friendly Offices Double In Past Year

Google searches for ‘dog friendly offices’ and ‘jobs that allow dogs’ have more than doubled, since this time last year, according to research by Liberty Marketing.

According to research, 4.7 million households acquired a new pet in the pandemic while majority of people were working from home or furloughed.

However, now that we’ve returned back to the new normal, an estimated 3.4 million households have already given up on their new pet.

HR experts chime in on whether bringing a dog to the office improves productivity and reduces stress, or whether it simply causes distractions.

Molly Dyer, Head of People and Culture at dog-friendly beauty marketing agency Foundation, says: “There are definitely precautions that the team need to take prior to bringing a dog to the office. One of the most obvious ones is ensuring that no employees have any allergies to dogs, and that they’re not scared of them in any way.”

“However, if everyone agrees to having pets in the office, and the pet is well behaved, then there are definitely some advantages to having pets join you while you work. Previous research has shown that having a dog around you while you work will reduce stress, and actually improve morale and productivity – we’re all for that at Liberty!”

“Since the pandemic, we’ve noticed that many employees actually prefer working from home so that they can take care of their new pups. If an office allows you to bring the dog in, then the chances of getting more people in will be much higher, improving efficiencies and team bonding.”

According to, three quarters of people would stick with an employer if they offer dog-friendly workspaces. They also revealed that nearly two thirds (65%) say that working alongside their dog improves their mental health and wellness.