ProDog Raw Become Platinum Partners At Hull Kingston Rovers

ProDog Raw are delighted to announce they are now official Platinum Partners for Hull Kingston Rovers’ 2023 season.

ProDog Raw deliver unrivalled premium raw dog food based on a wealth of food production expertise, specialist canine nutrition knowledge, combined with leading technology. With a strong foundation of British ingredients and unique meal recipes formulated alongside renowned veterinary professionals, ProDog Raw are leading the ‘Rawbellion’ to improve dogs’ nutritional health and wellbeing.

ProDog Raw’s work with Hull Kingston Rovers (Hull KR) is set to begin immediately, whilst fans can look forward to enjoying their involvement first-hand during the team’s spring 2023 season.

ProDog Raw will be supporting Hull KR’s success whilst highlighting the many benefits of raw feeding for dogs; as part of this, they will be working with each player to enhance their own dogs’ health. From a brand-new ‘Barking Mad Moment of the Week’ segment across the Robins’ social media channels to sponsoring Rover the dog, having an in-stadium presence on gamedays in 2023, and more, ProDog Raw will be bringing even more fun to Hull KR whilst doing important work to keep the city’s dogs happy and healthy.

Discussing ProDog Raw’s decision to sponsor Hull KR, CEO Heidi Maskelyne says: “We have always been a business that wants to make a positive impact. As Hull KR brings the City together for their games, creating a real sense of community, this felt like a perfect way of contributing to the area.”

“We can’t wait to begin supporting the Hull KR team, its players, and their dogs! We hope to help the team enhance their dog’s nutrition by tailoring fresh natural diets to support each individual dog’s needs, whilst sharing the importance of raw feeding with Hull KR’s fans and being a part of their season-long successes!”

Meanwhile, ProDog Raw will be sponsoring one of Hull KR’s leading players: Ryan Hall. Ryan, who is England’s record try-scorer, also plays for England and Great Britain at international level. As a proud owner of two dogs himself, he’s an ideal pairing for ProDog Raw and they’re honoured to have Ryan represent their brand.

Furthermore, Hull KR Chief Executive Paul Lakin adds: “I am thrilled to have ProDog Raw join us as a new Platinum Partner for the 2023 season, they are a forward-thinking brand that has clearly identified the opportunities for creative activations with Hull KR and the Rugby League community.”

For more information about ProDog Raw’s partnership with Hull KR and their ongoing work, visit their website here.