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ONS Data Reveals Businesses Need Better Hiring Practices

Responding to the continued increase in skills shortages – with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealing another decline in unemployment levels, global provider of talent outsourcing and advisory services, AMS, has warned that correct implementation of technology alongside data-driven resourcing solutions is needed if employers are to find the right skills to support their firm.

Steve Leach, Regional Managing Director, UK and Ireland at AMS comments: “While the latest labour statistics from the ONS showed a decline in vacancy numbers over the last three months, the level of unfilled jobs remains higher than pre-pandemic. Combine this with the on-going drop in unemployment levels and uptick in contractor reliance and there’s a clear picture of skills struggles across the UK.”

“The challenge in this environment is identifying what talent a firm actually needs and where they can be found. When hiring difficulties arise, it can be all too easy to follow resourcing routes that have been historically used under the guise of finding someone quickly. But in truth, when competition for talent is rife, the usual sources are likely to have dried up.”

“It’s important that firms take a truly strategic approach to finding people in this tough market, and that should be technology enabled and data driven. The right insight can help identify where the best skills can be found – and that includes in your own business. Larger firms in particular are likely to have individuals across the company who can be upskilled and redeployed elsewhere to fill harder to source roles and the right use of technology that enables a data driven approach can help identify this.”

“With the need for speed in the recruitment process, automation also has a crucial role to play in keeping candidates engaged. Hiring itself can often take too long and in an environment when competition for the best talent is still rife, any steps to help move things along will be beneficial.”