Restoration of Spurn Lightship Reaches Final Phase

Hull’s Spurn Lightship is to receive a new coat of paint as it reaches the final stages of restoration.

The Spurn Lightship played a key role in Hull’s maritime industries by guiding vessels as they navigated the Humber estuary, one of the world’s most treacherous waterways and even today river pilots are required to guide ships in and out.

The Spurn Lightship is a year into its restoration and is now being painted back to its original colour of black, the paint will be applied using airless paint machine and sprayed on.

In June, the lightship was shotblasted alongside the Arctic Corsair, removing decades of dirt and old paint. New layers of primer have since been added to protect it from corrosion and now it is ready for a final layer of paint.

All work being done on both the Spurn Lightship and the Arctic Corsair is being planned with the maximum longevity and preservation possible. The Spurn Lightship will be painted in specialist paint designed for the environment it will be berthed in and is intended to last for 25 years.

Below the waterline the lightship will be a highly specified red, antifouling paint to inhibit plant growth, along with metal anodes which are added to prevent corrosion.

Councillor Mike Ross, Leader of Hull City Council, said: “The restoration of one of Hull’s cherished vessels has reached a significant milestone.
“It is exciting to see the Spurn Lightship receive new paintwork as the finishing touches take place. The lantern and light are also being repaired and once this is complete, the lightship will return to a temporary spot in Hull Marina while work is completed to the permanent wet berth.”

“It’s great to see the Spurn Lightship given a new lease of life for the residents of Hull and visitors alike to learn more about its role in navigating vessels along the Humber estuary.”

The Spurn Lightship will return to a temporary berth on Hull Marina in the coming months for people to view from the shore, while work to the permanent wet berth at the new location takes place. The installation of objects and fit out will get underway in preparation for the opening.

Funding for the wet berth on Hull Marina has been provided for by National Highways. National Highways manages four designated funds, allocated by the Government, to deliver benefits above and beyond building, maintaining and operating England’s strategic roads.

The lightship is expected to open to visitors in summer 2023, near Murdoch Connection and the Holiday Inn.

The restoration of the Spurn Lightship is part of Hull Maritime, a major regeneration project funded by Hull City Council and The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Other elements include the restoration of the Arctic Corsair, the creation of a new visitor attraction at North End Shipyard and the transformational refurbishment of Hull Maritime Museum and Dock Office Chambers.