New Facilities In Bramley & Ravenfield Promote Inclusivity

Last year Councillor Mills had the idea to install BSL displays in parks across the ward to promote inclusivity and to encourage children and young people to learn and communicate with each other, play together and to make friendships.

The displays show you how to sign the alphabet, as well as some key words that will come in useful in a play area, such as ‘play’, ‘friend’, ‘love’ and ‘help’.

The first display has been installed at Flash Lane playground and in the coming weeks a second display will be installed at Hollings Lane playing field. We would like to thank both Bramley Parish Council and Ravenfield Parish Council for their support with the initiative.

Ward Councillors provided funding for the project through their Capital budget. The project supports ward priorities for the Bramley and Ravenfield Ward by improving the environment and enhancing community facilities in the area, as well as bringing people together to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Ward Councillors are delighted to have been involved with this initiative, which is the first of its kind for Rotherham.

Councillor Lewis Mills, Ward Councillor for Bramley and Ravenfield Ward, commented: “I hope these signs help children understand the importance of communication and friendship.”

Councillor Greg Reynolds, Ward Councillor for Bramley and Ravenfield Ward, added: “This is fantastic and is a brilliant piece of equipment to have in our local parks.”