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Mental Health Is A Key Issue For Business Owners

A new survey by SumUp has asked 540 entrepreneurs around the UK what the biggest challenges are that they face as an entrepreneur.

With 18% of small business owners highlighting mental health as the most challenging part of running their business, what tips are there to help entrepreneurs looking to best manage their mental health.

Psychotherapist and founder of Vitus Wellbeing, Carly Webb, suggests five top tips for how entrepreneurs can manage their mental health as:

1 – Talk to others about your work and find people you can discuss ideas and difficulties with. Challenges always feel significantly worse in our own minds – they’re far easier to problem solve and digest once you’ve started to talk them through.

2 – Carve out some time each week that’s just for you and not linked to your business. This could be spent exercising, socialising, being creative or unwinding. Remind yourself that you are not your business.

3 – Look after your health. Entrepreneurs often come to us when they’ve reached burn-out and it can take a long time to fully recover. Listen to your body and the signs it sends you. If you have high blood pressure, shortness of breath, constant headaches, restlessness at night, stomach or digestive problems, blurred vision, panic attacks or are quick to anger, it’s time to review your workload and slow things down. Act now before things get worse.

4 – Access training and workshops online. Most small business owners must wear many ‘hats’ – that of an accountant, marketer, recruiter and salesperson, amongst others. Accept that you cannot be an expert at everything and find training to support you or outsource some of your work.

5 – Keep checking in with yourself and your life goals. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision when it comes to your business and to neglect other areas of your life. If having a family is really important to you, don’t neglect those around you because you run a business. It’s better to have a medium-sized business and a happy family than a large business and feel alone.

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